DVD Video Editing

DVD video editing is a process, that is usually performed alone, where you take random shots from various locations and days, tighten them up by trimming and organizing them until they tell a story in a concise and entertaining way. The editing process has not changed over the years. Some people will see a new movie and proclaim it a break through in editing technique. There are no new editing techniques. If you go back to the silent movie films you will see editing that is considered revolutionary today. DVD video editing has not changed video editing, but rather the format has changed, not the process.DVD video editing, digital editing, has made the process quicker an available to all. When film was the medium, you had to have a projector in order to show your edited film. Time passed and video tape changed the the way we viewed movies, both theatrical feature films and home movies. Today, DVDs are the format of choice. Technological advancements may have had a beginning, but it appears that there is no end in sight. The advancements in technology are expanding geometrically and we will see many changes in the future that will make editing DVD video a thing of the past. What they are and when they will come, is anyone’s guess, but come they will.What probably will never change is the profound impact that the video editor has on the whole process. The editor’s creativity is what brings life to a video, not the technology. Sure, computer graphics (CG) has changed what we see and expanded the editor’s ability to tell the story, but in the end it is not the CG that makes the movie, it is the video editor’s ability to tell the story in an entertaining way that makes the movie.DVD video editing could more accurately be describe as DVD viewing format, because in essence that what the DVD is. DVDs are the viewing aid, like the projector, and the VHS before them and nothing more.Look for the best video editing software that you can find and it will aid you in your movie making, but it will never make the movie for you. Only the video editor can come up with the ideas and the talent to bring life to their videos. I have often said that the editor that took the worst film and made it acceptable should get the Academy Award, not the editor that had the best story, the best director and the best actors. Keep that thought in mind when you are doing your DVD video editing and you will add subtleties and quality to you DVD video editing.

Buying New Homes Vs Old Homes

1. “Necessary Repairs” Increase Home Value- Generally you can expect to see a rise in the value of your home when you do things like replace the air conditioning unit, furnace, or roof. You will get a higher offer on your house with these things than without. So while the idea of buying a home with an old hot water heater that you’ll need to replace seems like a buzz kill, you’ll pay less than if they had upgraded it for you (always use this as negotiating power! either request they do it, or factor it in to what the house is worth). This combined can be a great way to buy a nice house for a great deal.2. “No Regret” Design Changes- That parquet floor has been there long enough to push aside any regret for ripping it out and replacing it. Those 80′s tile, feel free to rip them out. Trends expire and it’s better to rip out tile that’s past it’s prime than brand new tile that’s hardly seen use. And you’re free to replace it with whatever you want, whereas builders normally have a selection you have to choose from.3. “Old House” Charm- It’s more expensive to buy “charming” details new. Much like the old tile and parquet flooring, the crown molding and carved wood details you’ll oftentimes find in older homes has “paid it’s dues” and is cheaper to buy in that older home. You’ll find decorating with these details to be a treat as they’re visually interesting and beautiful.4. Cheaper To Buy Upfront- Older homes can be cheaper to buy up front for the same square footage in the same area. This has a lot to do with the labor costs that go into a new construction. You’re paying people’s wages when you buy those homes whereas you’re just buying the value of the property from a seller of an older home.5. Established Neighbourhoods- Older homes are in older neighbourhoods and this can mean beautiful shade providing mature trees, grass covered yards, parks and more. Drive through an older neighbourhood and you’ll see the benefits with mature landscaping and variety of people living there.6. Remodelling Potential- Because the homes are often cheaper, the lots normally bigger, and the homes not as close together, there’s normally a lot of room to remodel an older home. Go ahead and pair that with #2 and you’re in it to win it, right?7. Energy Efficiency- Yes! Shockingly, I’m going to tell you that buying an older home can benefit your bank account. Smaller homes are less expensive to heat and cool. As long as you have or upgrade existing insulating features, the smaller rooms and lower ceilings are going to be noticeably cheaper to keep comfortable. And on the other end of things, older homes were not equipped with modern cooling and heating so they were built with features that kept it cooler (without electricity, yay lower electricity bills!)8. Problems already Discovered & Addressed- Provided previous owners weren’t total D-bags, any problems that have risen from the homes construction will have already been addressed. Things like settling have likely already occurred (true story- my parent’s bought new construction and they have huge patches around the doorways of one side of their house from where they had cracks fixed from the new house settling).9. Variety in Choices/Styles/Designs/Layouts- When you buy from a builder, you get options. These options are uniform in choice with all the other homes the builder is selling. When you buy in an older neighbourhood, you get variety in styles, choices, and finishes to choose from.10. Location- Older homes are normally located closer to desirable parts of the city. My older home is located near the beach, other older homes in our city are located in beautiful neighbourhoods right next to downtown. The newer construction homes are normally built on old acreage full of trees and are pretty out of the way (and if you want to be out of the way, charming old farmhouses are normally out there!)11. Quicker Move In- It makes sense that a house already built would be quicker to move into than one that doesn’t exist yet, right?For More Information – Mantri Developers

Small Business Insurance: What You Need

Today’s businesses need insurance for a great many things, from liability to covering business vehicles and more. There’s often a lot of confusion about what insurance your business will need, especially as more businesses use their homes for their office. Here is a handy list of the main types of insurance you will need for your business, and why you will need that insurance to be successful, and compliant with your local business laws.1. General Liability Insurance No matter your business, you need liability insurance, even if your business is based out of your home. This insurance provides defence and damages if you, your products and/or services or your employees are involved in an incident that causes (or allegedly causes) bodily injury or property damage.2. Professional Liability InsuranceOften referred to as “Errors & Omissions Insurance,” this policy protects your business in the event of failure to, or the improperly rendering, of promised services. It’s an important insurance to have because, quite simply, people make mistakes. If you or your company fail to do what they promised to do, this insurance will help pay for defence and/or damages, helping you take responsibility without endangering the financial future of your company.Note that this insurance is generally not offered in general liability insurance policies.3. Property InsuranceWhile not mandatory, if you own a building, equipment, computers or almost anything related to your business, you should look into property insurance. The policy will protect you in the event of a disaster, like a fire, and against things like vandalism and other crimes.Another aspect of this insurance is loss of earning and/or business interruption insurance, which will pay you out as you recover from the event that interrupted your normal business operations.4. Commercial Auto InsuranceIf your company has vehicles, they will need to be insured by the business, whether they are used by employees or yourself. So long as those vehicles are used to carry people, products or equipment, they should be insured under your business with a commercial auto insurance policy. The insurance will protect you in the instance of damage or collisions.If your employees use their own vehicles for work, you will still need a policy that protects the business in the event that something happens when the vehicle is being used for commercial purposes. This is called “non-owned auto liability insurance.”5. Worker’s CompensationWhen employees or owners are injured on the job, worker’s compensation ensures that they receive an income to help them through their medical issues and time off for medical procedures. The insurance also means employees give up their right to sue their company, which is very important for business owners. Worker’s compensation insurance is mandatory in some places, so it is important to understand the legal requirements in your area for this insurance.6. Directors and Officers InsuranceWith this insurance, your business’ leaders will be protected against their actions that may impact the profits, profitability or operations of your company. Essentially, if your directors or officers end up in a legal situation stemming from their actions, this insurance can cover costs involved with defence and, in some instances, damages resulting from those actions.7. Homeowner’s InsuranceIf you run your business from home, you will need this insurance. It may be mandatory depending on your mortgage but it is imperative that you notify your insurance company if you are running a business out of your home. Without the proper insurance, certain incidents may not be covered by your standard insurance because it is related to an unreported business. Contact your insurance provider before you start running a business out of your home to ensure you are compliant, and covered.Whether or not your business is run out of your home, an office, or on the road, you will need multiple kinds of insurance to account for liability, accidents and other incidents.

Auto Glass Repair Services for Varying Needs

Auto glass repair services ensure that the chipped windshields or broken glass are replaced or repaired by a professional without delay and with the best quality of service. One can get various services by hiring a professional Windshield repair shop.
When you hire an auto glass repair company, the professionals will ask you the location of the damages. This would help them to know the type of auto glass present on your vehicle and the type of automobile windshield glasses you can expect to be replaced or repaired. There are mainly two types of windshield glass: laminated and tempered glass. The front windshield is constructed with laminated glass, whereas the auto and rear windows are tempered glass. Auto glass repair and replacement centers have professionals that focus on ensuring the durability of your automobile glass so that the driver and other passengers in the vehicle are safe.

The different auto glass repair services for varying needs are as follows-

Windshield Repair:
Windshield repair service is an important auto glass repair service that often comprises regular maintenance requirements for automobiles. Generally, a professional auto glass repair company recommends repairing the windshield instead of completely replacing the car windshield. Windshields that undergo minor damages require repair services. However, if the glass is severely damaged and beyond repair services, it must be replaced.

Broken Windshield:
This type of auto glass repair service is quite similar to windshield repair service; however, if you have broken glass, the windshield repair professional will first try to repair the glass instead of completely replacing it. The broken windshield can be repaired easily, and the difference will be unnoticeable to your naked eye. Repairing a broken windshield is a cost-effective procedure instead of a replacement service.

Chip Repair:
One of the most common issues with automobile owners is chips in automobile windshields. If you own a car, chips in the windshield may happen when parking the car or during traveling. If you repair a chip in your windshield on time, it would be a cost-effective procedure.

Cracked Windshield Auto Repair Service:
If you have cracked windshields, it can pose a danger to the driver who is riding the vehicle, especially during long journeys. The cracked windshield must be replaced since minor cracks can even result in the glass shattering and injuring the passengers and the driver. You must approach a professional windshield replacement company that is capable of replacing the cracked windshield in the quickest time and with ease.

Windshield Scratch Auto Repair:
If you have scratches on your automobile windshield, then it can be dangerous for your vehicle as the glass can crack completely, thereby impairing the vision of the driver, who may not drive the car with full visibility. Scratches on windshields can result in serious injuries and accidents.


Automobile glass repair services have trained and experienced professionals who can deal with different types of automobile glass repairs and damages with ease and without causing any delay. These experienced professionals can perform quick repairs as well as replacements with durable materials and premium quality service. It is important to know that the windshield repair services you are hiring must come with the necessary machinery and tools to provide timely service.

If you are looking for auto glass or replacement repair shops, you can approach us. We provide quick auto glass replacement and repair services to our customers with the best quality service. We are professional, trustworthy, and experienced technicians that provide promising window replacement and repair services.

RV Packing Tips for Uluru Adventures

Famed as the spiritual heart of Australia, Uluru is a must-visit destination for any outdoor enthusiast. RV owners, in particular, need to take great care when packing for an Uluru adventure considering the remote location and challenging terrain. Here are a few tips to help you pack the right items for the journey.
1. Make sure you have ample storage space.

The key to packing the right essentials for an RV trip to Uluru starts with having enough storage space for all of your items. Uluru adventures attempted without enough space leads to an over-packed vehicle and an unpleasant journey. RV storage solutions should include:

Sliding drawers with dividers
Kitchen fit-outs
Racking and shelving units
Side floor storage drawers
Those without ample storage space should consider installing lightweight RV storage drawers before heading out. These easy-to-open, space-saving RV drawers make it easy to store items such as blankets, pillows, kitchenware, safety equipment, and other accessories needed for the ultimate trip.

2. Pack for all types of weather conditions.

Uluru is located in the arid Northern Territory desert, which makes its climate unpredictable and prone to sudden temperature changes throughout the day. To ensure you’re prepared for the unexpected, pack a variety of items for both sunny and cool days. An RV owner should include:

Extra blankets
Warm socks
Remember that the Australian desert can get very hot during the summer, so don’t hesitate to pack an extra-large cooler with plenty of drinks and snacks. In fact, some storage solutions can include fridge-in-drawer units, so you have plenty of extra space to store cold beverages and food.

3. Bring safety equipment for off-road adventuring.

Uluru offers a wide range of adventurous activities, from mild hikes to more challenging terrain. To make sure you are properly prepared for any off-road excursion, pack items such as:

A first-aid kit
Tools and spares
A fire extinguisher
Extra fuel
This list is far from exhaustive, and every RV owner should be prepared for any potential off-road mishap by packing the appropriate safety equipment. Make sure you check out local park regulations and guidelines before heading to Uluru so you can be prepared for any eventuality.

Pro Tip: Keep safety items together in one of your RV storage drawers and label them clearly so you can easily access them in an emergency.

4. Entertainment activities

Long drives and wide open spaces leave a lot of free time for RV owners to enjoy. Pack items to help pass the time by bringing along some entertainment, such as:

board games
Those with spacious RV storage solutions should consider storing entertainment items in side floor storage drawers so they can easily access them as needed without having to enter the vehicle multiple times.

Everything You Need for a Great RV Adventure

Prepping for an RV trip to Uluru starts with knowing how to pack the right items into your vehicle. With the right storage solutions and a little preparation, you can enjoy an unforgettable RV adventure without having to worry about over-packing and running out of space.

Things You Should Know Before Approaching Car Rental Companies

Today people are approaching car rental companies in increasing numbers. This is because of different reasons and purposes like moving furniture, vacations, or traveling with family on a special occasion. While choosing a Car rental in Paros, you must consider different factors, such as the following.

Search for local or online car rental companies.
The first thing to do is choose whether to search for a rental company in your local neighborhood or look for companies from online sources. You can approach a local rental company in your neighborhood or search for trustworthy car rental companies on the Internet to save money, time, and energy. Searching for online car rental companies is a convenient, time-saving option, and you can avail of special deals and discounts.

Reviewing the online reviews and testimonials before finalizing your decision about a particular car rental company is paramount. Choosing a reputable and trustworthy company will make you safe and secure on the roads.

Compare the price rate of different rental companies.
When it comes to Rent a car paros, it is significant to compare the rates of different companies while taking important factors like availability, operating hours, location, and reputation into consideration. You can read the description of different vehicles, rental rates, and accompanying pictures. Renting a small vehicle or car will be a cheaper option compared to renting a big vehicle like an SUV, minivan, or another luxurious vehicle

Advance rental reservations with car rental companies
An important aspect that you must consider when Paros rents a car is booking an advance arrangement with them.

Booking for a vehicle during the holiday rush or at the last moment will cost you more, and you will have fewer choices regarding the size and kind of vehicle you want to hire.

Try to avail of coupons and discounts from your rental company. An important element that plays a key role in rental reservations is timing. Some rental companies provide cheap deals if you book a vehicle for a weekend, especially during the heavy holiday season. If you are looking for a vehicle and a flexible schedule for leisure travel, then opt for weekend car rentals. However, if you require a vehicle for a week or more, always go for weekly rates.

Payment and fuel utilization
When dealing with car rental companies, you must be aware of fuel utilization and associated payment issues. You can either rent the vehicle and refuel it before returning it to the company or pay for the full fuel tank in advance. If you can utilize the whole fuel tank, the second option will be more cost-effective and convenient.

However, if you are consuming less fuel, then going by the second option will make you pay more than what is required; another thing that must be considered while dealing with rental companies is the insurance coverage for your car rental. Before signing an additional insurance coverage asked by your car rental company, you must seek your personal auto insurance policy and inquire if they extend insurance coverage for the car rental.

We are your one-stop destination for car rental services. You can book our services and choose a car of your need. We inspect every vehicle regularly to maximize the car performance and ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers. Our vehicles are extremely comfortable and can be booked at affordable rates.

Important Windshield Replacement Facts That You Should Know

Windshields are easily susceptible to damage and may incur chips, cracks, and may even shatter in some specific and extreme cases. This is why it is important to trust only professional experts when going for windshield replacement. Following are a few important facts that you must know about auto glass repair as well as replacement to make an informed decision in case your auto glass sustains any damage:
Different events may require a complete windshield replacement

There can be plenty of reasons why your car windshield has been damaged. Small pieces of rock that get stuck in the vehicle tires in the front can sometimes fly out and damage the windshield, making it cracked or chipped.

Different alternatives for windshield replacement

Car owners sometimes choose a whole windshield replacement and a simple repair. It is advisable to consult only expert windshield repair technicians if your car windshield has sustained any damage. They will effortlessly work to gauge the extent of windshield damage and then recommend you an alternative way out. Always go by the decision of the professionals when it comes to choosing between windshield repair replacement.

Consider the size of the damage caused

Most glasses and sizes of cracks or chip warrant windshield replacement. It must be noted that windshield damage exceeding 6 inches in size is irreparable and can prove extremely dangerous for the person driving the car. Driving a car with such a cracked or chipped windshield may prove to be counterproductive. Cracks and chips lead to ophthalmological issues for the driver because of light distortion.

Windshield contributes to 60% of the structural integrity of your vehicle

windshield supports the structural integrity of a car or vehicle, and the strength of a vehicle depends entirely on its windshield. The windshield will provide 60% of strength to your vehicle frame in the event of rollovers and 45% of vehicle structural integrity in case your car gets involved in a collision or front-end crash. It is designed with advanced technology to increase safety, especially during road accidents.

Your car insurance policy can also cover the replacement of auto glass.

Your car may sustain damage on the rear windshield, front windshield, or window glasses at the side of your vehicle. Irrespective of the kind of automotive glass, you can cover the cost of windshield replacement with your vehicle insurance policy. You should know the type of insurance you have purchased and whether it provides replacement coverage. You can also buy comprehensive insurance coverage for auto glass repair or replacement.

Replacement of auto glass requires expertise.

Windshield replacement means the broken or old windshield will be completely removed, and new auto glass will be installed. So installing a new auto glass will require the work to be done with complete accuracy by an expert. You should hire an expert and professional windshield company for auto glass replacement. Always reach out to an experienced windshield repair shop with years of experience in replacing windshields and installing the auto glass in the right fit to minimize the damage to your vehicle during a road crash.

With us, you get a highly experienced and competent team of window shield replacement technicians who will survey and provide various services like windshield replacement of windshield repair, auto glass repair as well as replacement services, etc.

How To Pack Your 4WD For Cape York Adventure

Cape York is home to some of Australia’s best off-road adventure tracks. But, with the terrain including watery crossing, slippery terrain, hot weather, and uneven surfaces, knowing what to pack for your 4WD adventure is essential to the survival of you and your vehicle.
So, get ready to put your custom off-road storage solutions to use with our top tips on how to pack for a Cape York Adventure.

1. Clothing

Ultimately, the trail you do in Cape York will determine your packing needs. For trails such as Old Telegraph Track, fill your 4×4 storage drawers with lightweight, layer-able clothing. Additionally, pants that roll up to avoid the inevitable watery crossings, a waterproof raincoat, and polarised sunglasses are also recommended for this particular track. If you are planning on tackling more technical trails, such as the French Line or Gunshot Creek, it is important to pack clothing that provides additional protection. This includes long sleeves and pants, gloves, and sturdy footwear such as boots.

One of the sliding 4WD drawers in your vehicle should also be dedicated to protective clothing accessories such as hats, buff, and sun-cream. If you don’t have additional storage space for these items, consider getting one installed quickly at a local vehicle storage solutions specialist before your trip.

2. Recovery Gear

While Cape York is home to some dangerous and technical terrain, having a reliable vehicle recovery kit in your 4×4 storage solutions can make all the difference if you get stuck. We recommend packing items such as sand ladders, a snatch strap, puncture repair kits, shovels, an axe for clearing bushwhack branches, and a winch. These items can make the difference between being stuck in a remote area for weeks and getting back on track quickly.

If you don’t already have them, custom off-road storage solutions that accommodate heavy-duty, bulky, or sharp items such as these are essential for a successful trip. Not only will these custom storage solutions make it easier to find safety gear when you need it, but they will also ensure heavy objects don’t fly around while you are on the trail.

3. Non-Perishable Snacks

Food is essential for any off-road adventure, but the temperature changes, rough terrain, and isolation of Cape York mean it is important to pack accordingly. Pack non-perishable snacks such as muesli bars, nuts, dried fruit, and energy bars that won’t be spoiled by the heat. Additionally, consider packing a few extra meals in your vehicle storage drawers in case you get stuck in the bush for longer than expected.

Be Prepared For Anything

The Importance of Hiring Reputable Agency Drivers for Business Operations

Businesses that rely on professional drivers to transport goods and materials face numerous challenges when it comes to ensuring the safety and efficiency of their operations. One of the most significant issues is the risk of hiring drivers who are not up to the task, whether due to a lack of training, experience, or accountability. When businesses fail to properly vet and hire qualified drivers, they put both their own operations and other road users at risk. The consequences of hiring unqualified drivers can range from increased insurance costs and damage to goods, to serious accidents and even loss of life. As such, it is essential for businesses to prioritize driver safety and take proactive steps to ensure that their drivers are fully qualified and capable of safely operating commercial vehicles.
One solution to this problem is for businesses to hire drivers from reputable agencies. These agencies conduct thorough background checks and ensure that their drivers have the necessary training and experience to safely operate commercial vehicles.

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When businesses hire drivers directly, they may not have access to the same level of information and resources as an agency. This can lead to the hiring of unqualified or inexperienced drivers, which puts both the driver and other road users at risk.

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Another benefit of hiring drivers through reputable agencies is that they typically have a higher level of accountability. If a driver is involved in an accident or violates safety regulations, the agency can take swift action to address the issue. This can help to ensure that drivers are held accountable for their actions and that safety remains a top priority.

In addition to hiring drivers through agencies, businesses can also take steps to promote safer driving practices among their employees. This includes providing regular training and education on safety protocols, as well as implementing policies and procedures that prioritize safety over speed or efficiency.

Employers should also be vigilant in monitoring their drivers’ behavior and performance. This can include conducting regular checks on vehicle maintenance, as well as monitoring drivers’ compliance with safety regulations and traffic laws.

The importance of driver safety cannot be overstated, particularly in a country like South Africa where road accidents are all too common. By taking proactive steps to ensure that their drivers are qualified, experienced, and accountable, businesses can play a key role in reducing the number of accidents on South African roads.

It is important to note, however, that the problem of professional driver safety in South Africa cannot be solved by businesses alone. Government regulation and enforcement play a critical role in promoting safe driving practices and holding drivers accountable for their actions.

The government can work to establish stricter licensing requirements for commercial drivers, as well as increasing penalties for drivers who engage in reckless or unsafe driving behaviors. In addition, law enforcement agencies can increase their efforts to enforce traffic laws and crack down on drug and alcohol use among drivers.

Penis Health News for Cyclists – Preventing Permanent Damage With No-Nose Seats

Although this year’s exceptionally harsh winter weather is still a factor, the end may finally be in sight, and many cycling enthusiasts are looking forward to getting back on the road. The roads are still icy in many areas, but it’s never too early to start thinking about the coming season, and part of every cyclist’s planning should include attention to the effects of riding on their bodies. For men, in particular, cycling more than 3 hours per week has been found to have a substantial effect on erectile health – and men of all ages may be affected. Fortunately, this problem is reversible if it is treated correctly, and with a few adjustments to a man’s technique and equipment, it may be possible to avoid it altogether. The cause for loss of penis function, as well as some hints for penis care for cyclists, are discussed here.How does cycling affect penis function?Getting an erection and maintaining it long enough to complete the act of intercourse requires nerve signals from the brain to travel along the neural pathways to the erectile tissue; these signals direct the blood vessels leading into the penis to expand, allowing increased blood flow to the area. As the blood rushes into the erectile chambers, the spongy tissue inside them expands, preventing the blood from leaving the area, and an erection occurs.Sitting in a bicycle saddle places an enormous amount of pressure on the perianal area; because the artery and nerves that serve the penile tissue run directly through this area, they are subject to this pressure, and they can easily sustain damage that prevents both nerve signals and blood from reaching the area. Men who spend hours cycling every week often experience numbness and tingling in the penis, and they frequently report loss of erectile function.Can this condition be treated?Erectile dysfunction related to bicycle seats may be reversible if it is treated correctly. In many cases, surgery may be required to repair the damaged tissue; this surgery has a significant success rate.How can men avoid cycling-related loss of function?Doctors and fitness experts often advocate the use of a specially-designed no-nose bicycle seat. This design eliminates the pressure to the perianal area, substantially lowering the risk of erectile issues. For men who cycle for recreation, the no-nose seat can be a good alternative. For men who ride competitively, this option may not be feasible, because the “nose” portion of the seat may affect power and balance in the racing position. In this case, adjusting the seat position or the position of the handle bars may help to reduce some of the pressure to the area. In addition, men may benefit from standing in the pedals whenever possible to relieve the pressure and restore blood flow.Daily care for penile artery and nerve healthDaily penis care is another important aspect of nerve and circulatory health, and one that is often overlooked. Men should be aware that, as with the rest of the body, the penile tissue requires important nutrients to support cellular function, including its ability to repair itself after damage occurs. While most of these nutrients can be found in a healthy diet, they are not always directed to the penis. Therefore, in order to ensure that the penis receives the full benefit of these essential vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants, a little extra TLC may be necessary. Men can give the penile tissue an extra nutrient boost by applying a topical penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) that is specially formulated for with nutrients such as vitamin C for healthy circulatory tissue and amino acids such as acetyl L carnitine and L arginine, which are needed for nerve health and regulation of blood flow. A product containing natural moisturizers also provides an extra benefit – smooth, resilient penis skin that is responsive and pleasant to the touch.